Professional Wine Evaluations for Wineries

The Planet Grape Wine Review Panel led by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis has over 25 years in the industry and tastes and reviews between 6,000-8,000 wines per year. They provide detailed professional wine evaluations to hundreds of wineries from California to China.

We will analyze your wine critically and honestly, covering visual, aromatic, and palate assessments, structure and balance, drinkability, age window, and recommend market segments where the wine may be well-received.

It is impossible to capture the heart and soul of a wine in a quick 5-minute evaluation. We employ the “grape goddess 3-day rule,” where the wine is reviewed several times over 3 days, without the use of any preservation system, to see how it evolves, changes, and opens to show its full personality. Wines are evaluated alone and with food.

Included in each professional evaluation is:

Day One Assessment

Day Two Assessment

Day Three Assessment

In the Marketplace

Published Consumer Review



We also evaluate and provide reports on your wines going back to day one, where they are at in their drinking window, and how many years they have ahead, as in our DISCOVERY TO TABLE report for Chanticleer Vineyards. While we wrote an extensive report for the winery on each wine, the consumer/tasting room version appears here:


Professional Wine Evaluation Fee:  $500 per wine

Please send 2 bottles each of wines for evaluation to:

Planet Grape LLC

Attention: Catherine Fallis MS

240 Lombard Street #826

San Francisco CA 94111

415 425 5828 or