Jean-Charles Boisset was born into a winemaking family in the tiny village of Vougeot, in Burgundy. The Boisset Collection today includes prestigious brands in France and California, including the historic Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma and Raymond in Napa Valley. Jean-Charles and his wife Gina Gallo travel in high society.

Marnie Old, born in Winnipeg, Canada but a Philadelphia resident for over 25 years, is a straight-shooting, down to earth wine and beer educator and consumer advocate. Marnie travels in coach.

On paper, one might think this an odd couple to co-author a wine book. But the results speak for themselves. Lavish photography and passionate French insights share the page with no-nonsense infographics, altogether serving to entice and educate in an appealing manner.

Chapter 3, “The Sources of Wine’s Diversity,” has one of my favorite sections, “The Biodynamic Ecosystem.” Jean-Charles kicked off this year’s International Biodynamic Wine Conference yesterday in San Francisco, and it was clear his dedication to this most holistic approach to farming, one that nourishes not only the soil, but the entire ecosystem, allowing plants and animals to thrive, is the only way forward for the wine industry.

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