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Catherine Fallis: A Guide to Nebbiolo
Catherine Fallis, MS

Here’s how it goes for sommeliers and wine lovers discovering Barolo, the majestic Nebbiolo wine of Piemonte in northwest Italy. First, there is the awareness, a sighting – on a wine list, retail shelf or table. Then, with luck, a tasting. The interplay of cherry, mint, licorice, rose, game, fennel and almond is as intoxicating as its chewiness, grip, and raging high acidity is palate-thrashing. Now hooked, there is the quest for more, always more, no matter the cost. Then there is the wait, the 5 plus years needed to let the wine become more mellow, less aggressive, more behaved if you will. Here at Planet Grape Wine Review, where we taste wine over a period of three days – the grape goddess three-day rule – we are able to experience a several year evolution with natural aeration, nothing more. If your wine is not showing well when you first open it, pour it into a large carafe, then serve 2-3 ounces in large glasses. Pair with rich foods, and let the leftovers sit in the bottle for a few days. In Barolo the guest of honor is given the leftovers from the previous night’s bottle. Here are 8 of our favorite Barolos and 4 Nebbiolos from the neighboring communes.



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