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Panelist Liz Thach:

Gavi dei Gavi is indeed from higher quality vineyards, but is a designation that is only used by La Scolca. La Scolca is an artisanal winery, which pioneered modern, controlled vinification in stainless steel to preserve the subtle fruit of the Cortese grape.  The oldest vines and best sites are reserved for their Gavi dei Gavi, packaged in a clear Burgundy-style bottle with a distinctive black label.


Panelist Deborah Parker Wong:

2019 La Scolca Gavi White Label

Sheer and bright, this classic, lower-alcohol Gavi DOCG expression is floral with a mélange of citrus and white stone fruits. 92 points

2019 La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi Black Label

La Scolca is the only producer that labels a Gavi DOCG “Gavi dei Gavi.” The 2019 from Rovereto Superiore has mastered the Cortese grape. Structure and finesse are combined with a pronounced salty mineral expression, lemon zest and nuanced ripe citrus and stone fruit on the palate.  97 pts

Guest contributor Kathleen Wilcox:

The Gavi La Scolca is made from 100% Cortese grapes, light on the palate, with a distinctive lemon-lime flavor. I’d love this with shellfish or roasted chicken. This would be something I’d reach for every day, and I’d recommend it spring-late summer.

The Gavi Dei Gavi La Scolca Black Label is made from 100% Cortese grapes, much longer on the palate, persistent, with a salinic, mineralic heft, white flowers, hazelnuts, flint. This wine is richer, more textured, creamier, and is a more elevated iteration expression of the region, a bright but incredibly elegant, and a wine I’d drink year-round.

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